InterestCalc - An Investment Calculator for PalmOS

Program Description

InterestCalc is a small application for PalmOS (version 2 and above), which computes parameters of investments which yield interest, i.e. investments of the following type: You start investing a given amount of money ("initial value") and regularly (e.g. monthly) add a fixed amount ("payment") to your investment. For the whole time of your investment ("period") you are paid interest according to a fixed "interest rate". After the period, you get your investment plus interest back ("future value").

InterestCalc can compute each of the parameters explained above (the quoted strings) from the other parameters. Of course, all of the parameters may be negative. Thus, you can also compute loans or other financial constructs with fixed interest rate.

So, InterestCalc does essentially the same as the built in financial solver of the HP48GX calculator.

Screenshots (Release 0.5)

[Screenshot: No data entered] [Screenshot: Example data entered (12 payments per year),<BR>future value computed] [Screenshot: Example data entered (weekly payments),<BR>payment computed]
No data entered Example data entered (12 payments per year),
future value computed
Example data entered (weekly payments),
payment computed


InterestCalc is free software, distributed unter the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). It comes with absolutely no warranty.

InterestCalc can be downloaded here.

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The Author

This marvellous program was written by Norbert Göb.